EJ Obiena was raised to be a champion with the support of his community – his family, his coaches, and all his partners who believed in him. Given all of his record-breaking achievements, EJ now wants to give back the same belief and support to his fellow Filipino athletes by creating training pits and programs all around the Philippines. He believes the talent of Filipinos can compete at a global scale with the correct facilities, coaching, and community.

With Katapulting EJ Obiena’s Dream – the funds will be allocated into:
1) creation of pole vault training pits and
2) a training program that will be overseen by Coach Emerson Obiena himself – to train both potential pole vault athletes and aspiring pole vault coaches.

This fundraiser aims to build and level up the pole vault community in the country – enabling more athletes to eventually break their own records and win their own medal.
This will be EJ Obiena’s hope and legacy for years to come.

Ideal Institutional Partner Responsibilities

Vault Pit Location and Maintenance

school / institution will assume responsibility for maintaining the vault pit's condition and upkeep.

Security Measures Around Vault Pit

To ensure student safety, we kindly request the installation of a barricade or other security measures. Access to the Vault Pit should only be permitted in the presence of a coach or faculty member.

Training Program and Coach Support

Coach Emerson Obiena is willing to develop a training program for both coaches and current students, with occasional teaching involvement. school / institution is expected to provide or nominate a group of coaches to consistently implement this training program.

Marketing Materials

In support of fundraising efforts, we kindly request access to photos and information about school / institution, the selected pit location, and details about school / institution's sports programs and athletes. These materials will be used in marketing campaigns.

Regular Updates on Vault Pit and Program

We request regular updates regarding the status of pit construction and maintenance, as well as any achievements, awards, and developments in the program and training efforts. These updates will help keep all stakeholders informed.

Promotion of Pole Vaulting to Aspiring Young Talents

school / institution is encouraged to actively promote pole vaulting as a sport to aspiring young talents within their municipality/province, fostering interest and participation in this discipline among the local youth.

If you'd like to nominate any school or institution to be a potential beneficiary - email with your nomination!

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